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frequently asked questions

Got a question? Check below for the answer.

Still have unanswered questions? Shoot me an email.

  • I already have a logo and company branding.
    Great! Check out our list of print and digital collateral for an idea of what can be made for your company. There are lots of options available.
  • How long do designs take?
    Depends on how much you need. A single item could take just a couple hours to design. If you're looking for a large labour intensive booklet, menu, or trifold brochure those tend to take a little longer.
  • What makes your printing sustainable and eco-friendly?
    When possible we try to work with printers who use 100% recycled or FSC certified paper products. As far as printing on other materials, sometimes clients want items that can not be made to be compostable however we try to use carbon neutral shops when possible. Plus we're always on the look out for alternative materials for my eco-concious clients. For example, we can get you promotional pencils that have a seed in them and can be planted!
  • Can I do my own printing after you've completed the design?
    Of course! If you have an existing contract with a printer or just prefer to handle if yourself, that's not a problem. We can package up print ready files for you, just let us know.
  • I want something that's not listed on your site.
    There are pieces we've done before that were customized for that particular job but are not showcased on the site. We're also open to new ideas and would love to help you out. Send us an email specifying what you're looking for and we can see if we can help, if not we may be able to recommend a few places that may be able to.
  • How do I get my print collateral?
    We can courier or mail this out to you, this is an extra fee. Otherwise if discussed before hand, you may want to pick this up directly from a print shop. However, we do like to see the printed order before delivering them to you for quality control. Full payment is required before delivery.
  • How does payment work?
    For design work over there will be a 50% deposit. Payment via etransfer is preferrable, cheques are accepted. For all print collateral, it can be arranged for you to pickup and pay the printers directly yourself. If you'd prefer to have the printing couriered then the printing will have to be paid in full before shipping out.
  • Can I get proofs?
    Absoloutely! It would be awful to get 2000 booklets printed only to realize you don't like the paper choice. We want to fix that before we do the full print run. Once we have narrowed down the designs we can arrange proofing for some materials (certain printed items can not have physical proofs, only the digital designs we make for you). Courier for the proofs will be added to your total bill.
  • Why is printing not included in the pricing on your site?
    There are so many factors that go into printing like size, quantity, material, add ons like metallic foil, spot uv, holes drilled, etc that each order ends up being a custom price. We will provide quotes upon request. Please fill out the Quote form found HERE.
  • Why is shipping not included in the prices?
    This is an external service that varies by distance and number of items shipped.
  • Do you do illustrations?
    Yes we do! We offer hand inked or digital art. Whether you want some custom art for a menu design, or newsletter, or even a portrait of your kid, we can do an array of subject material. If you are interested in something we can pull a few samples to show you.
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