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Hand-painted digital artwork that blends the modern digital look with the traditional painterly elements like watercolour effects.

Custom art immortalizes what you love, whether its a portrait of your pet, whimsical children's portraits, drawing of your childhood home or a meaningful building. Pretty much anything you can think of.

Check out some samples below!

Designed in full colour at an 8x10 size unless another is requested. A nice reference photo is needed but I can clean up the background, change the clothing colours or add minor accessories.


You will receive digital files (PDFs + JPGs) and if requested, printed services available See some print options below.

Please note: If you order a digital illustration it does not necessarily start out on paper and even then its usually in the drafting stages. If you want the original drawing AND the digital painted version of it, I can do that but it will require more finishing time and increase the final cost. I will need to know prior to digitizing the file. Original artwork mediums include pencil or pen & ink.


  • Wall Prints

  • Folded Cards or Postcards

  • Stickers

  • Canvas Printing - Stretched onto a wooden frame or just the canvas print to fit into your own frame.


Graphic artwork pricing does not include printing. The printing costs vary by each item, paper choices and finishing options as well as bulk printing pricing. Payment must be received in full before mailing out or delivering any artwork.

PLEASE NOTE: I will not send to print until final approval has been confirmed. I know you are excited to get your designs in hand but this will save us the hassle of a reprint if there is an error in a design that has not been properly proofread.

For more information, or if you're interested in something not specified on this page, fill out the quote form or send an email detailing your request.

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