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Hi, I'm Kat Bauer!

Born on the Jersey Shore, educated in Brooklyn, lived in LA, worked in NYC, and now finally settled in Ottawa. Phew, that was a mouthful.

I discovered my passion for design while growing up on the Jersey Shore, which is definitely better than the tv show. Being so close to NYC, it's no surprise that I ended up living and studying design there.

I am a graduate of Pratt University in Brooklyn, NYC and I have a BFA in Communications Design (Advertising, Graphic Design, & Illustration).

After working for years in NJ/NYC I eventually wandered into the great white north and I was introduced to the Ottawa printing industry.

For years I worked at a print shop in downtown Ottawa, where I've gained expert knowledge of printing materials and design for print. Since then, I have collaborated with many local shops to deliver quality product and installs.

Today, when I'm not living at a hockey rink with the kids, I live in my Orléans home with my husband, four kids, & three dogs. And although I've been in Canada for years I am still searching for some comparable NYC pizza. Any recommendations?



Pratt UniversityBrooklyn, NYC

BFA in Communications Design

Advertising Design, Graphic Design, & Illustration

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Completed a four year program at Pratt, prior to that I spent summers at the Brooklyn campus and completed programs at the Manhattan Campus.

Spent significant time working at the Society of Illustrators for years learning from top illustrators in the biz. 




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"Be true to your work and your work will be true to you."



Founder of Pratt Institute, 1887