Bring your brand to life & transform your space.

Glass bottles and empty walls are a blank canvas...make it yours with a custom design. Create a unique environment that will help turn new customers into repeat customers. Brand loyalty comes from great branding. 

Product Tags, Labels

+ Packaging

So you've developed a line of homemade soaps and lotions. But how are you going to package them? Do you picture them with an organic design with cardboard packaging and recycled tags? Or do you prefer a modern feel with clean lines and bright coloured packaging?

I work with local, Ottawa-based, custom die-makers to create boxes, uniquely shaped product hang tags and labels out of a multitude of materials.

Banners, Flags

+ Signs

You need to get noticed!

Try a roll up or X-Frame banner stands for your product display, hanging banners with grommets for your farmer's market booth, large triple sided banners, coroplast pricelist sign, feather flags, sidewalk A-frame sandwich boards, and more!

Decals +


Your windows look a little bare, lets get them covered.

You can get frosted vinyl designs for privacy in restaurants, meeting rooms, offices, showers...etc.

Vinyl or 3-D wall lettering available for store hours, logos, street address etc.

Want perforated vinyl on the outside of your windows two stories up? I can arrange an install for you, so put back that rickety ladder.

Custom Stamps

Eco-friendly & cost efficient way to create a handmade and personal look to your packaging.

Trade Show Displays

In a sea of other companies you're going to want to stand out. Whether you're looking for a few pieces to handout or a show-stopping booth, I can design & procure an array of displays and marketing materials for your company. 

Event Collateral

Birthdays, corporate events, dinners, cocktail parties, and more! You'll need Save The Dates (digital or print), invites, a seating chart, table cards, place cards, food tent cards, etc.

For a better idea of the event collateral options visit our Wedded Bliss package. 

For the items listed above, pricing varies by item, complexity of the design, and printing costs.

For more information, or if you're interested in something not on this list, fill out the quote form or send an email detailing your request.

Please allow up to 24hrs for an email response & confirmation. Turnaround time for a printing quote is based on the complexity of the order and response time from suppliers. Once final approval has been received and product has been sent to the printer, Kat B. Design Studio can not be held accountable for incorrect information. Kat B. Design Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. All pricing excludes tax, licencing fees, stock imagery, photo editing, mailing, and courier fees. 

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